Fast Food

Using the data at, I compiled a list of calories and proteins from several major fast food places. The lower the calorie-to-protein ratio in the last column, the better. (You may recall I aim for a 10.0 ratio or lower. This chart goes all the way up to 15.0 because sometimes you have to choose the least bad option, but for best results, stick to 10.0 and lower.)

PlaceFoodCaloriesProteinCalorie-to-Protein Ratio
Arby'sRoast Turkey Farmhouse Salad2302210.45
Arby'sHalf Pound Roast Beef Sandwich6104812.71
Arby'sShamrock Farms Lowfat White Milk90712.86
Arby'sDouble Roast Beef5103813.42
Arby'sHalf Pound French Dip & Swiss7505513.64
Arby's5 Meat Mega Stack9006513.85
Arby'sChopped Side Salad70514.00
Arby'sTurkey 'n Cheese Slider2001414.29
Arby'sThe Gobbler7805414.44
Arby's2 piece Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders2401615.00
Boston MarketRotisserie Chicken - Quarter White, No Skin220494.49
Boston MarketRegular Turkey Breast180384.74
Boston MarketBoneless Holiday Turkey Breast180384.74
Boston MarketTurkey90194.74
Boston MarketLarge Turkey Breast260544.81
Boston MarketRotisserie Chicken - Quarter White320516.27
Boston MarketRotisserie Chicken - Three Piece Dark Skinless (Thigh & 2 Drumsticks)280416.83
Boston MarketRotisserie Chicken - Three Piece Dark Skinless (2 Thighs & Drumstick)340477.23
Boston MarketLarge Holiday Turkey280387.37
Boston MarketRegular Holiday Turkey200277.41
Boston MarketRotisserie Chicken - Half Chicken640847.62
Boston MarketRotisserie Chicken - Three Piece Dark390517.65
Boston MarketParmesan Tuscan Chicken, quarter white400517.84
Boston MarketRotisserie Chicken - 1 Thigh & 1 Drumstick310339.39
Boston MarketChicken310339.39
Boston MarketDark Chicken (Kids) - 1 Thigh & 1 Drumstick310339.39
Boston MarketParmesan Tuscan Chicken, half chicken800859.41
Boston MarketLarge Boneless Holiday Ham360379.73
Boston MarketParmesan Tuscan Chicken, 3 Piece Dark (Thigh & 2 drumsticks)510529.81
Boston MarketRotisserie Chicken - Three Piece Dark (2 Thighs & Drumstick)5405310.19
Boston MarketRegular Boneless Holiday Ham2802610.77
Boston MarketRotisserie Chicken and BBQ Ribs7606811.18
Boston MarketParmesan Tuscan Chicken, quarter dark3903411.47
Boston MarketChicken Noodle Soup2302011.50
Boston MarketChicken Noodle Soup, Kid's Side50412.50
Boston MarketCaesar Half Salad w/o Dressing, Croutons & Chicken90712.86
Boston MarketMediterranean Chicken Carver4903812.89
Boston MarketSpiral Sliced Ham2602013.00
Burger KingGarden Grilled Chicken Salad w/ Grilled Chicken, no dressing320368.89
Burger KingFat Free Milk90910.00
Burger KingAmerican Brewhouse King155013411.57
Burger KingGrilled Chicken Sandwich4703712.70
Burger KingBK Breakfast Muffin Sandwich w/ Ham, Egg, and Cheese2501813.89
Burger KingBacon Cheddar Ranch Chicken Salad w/ grilled Chicken & Dressing5904214.05
Burger KingDOUBLE CROISSAN'WICH w/ Ham, Egg, & Cheese3902615.00
ChipotleChicken Burrito Bowl190325.94
ChipotleSalad w/ Chicken200336.06
ChipotleSteak Burrito Bowl190306.33
ChipotleSalad w/ Steak200316.45
ChipotleCarnitas Burrito Bowl190277.04
ChipotleBarbacoa Burrito Bowl170247.08
ChipotleSalad w/ Carnitas200287.14
ChipotleSalad w/ Barbacoa180257.20
ChipotleChicken Tacos w/ Crispy Corn Tortilla3703510.57
ChipotleSteak Tacos w/ Crispy Corn Tortilla3703311.21
ChipotleDouble Protein Salad Bowl8206812.06
ChipotleChicken Tacos w/ Soft Flour Tortilla4603812.11
ChipotleChicken Burrito4803912.31
ChipotleCarnitas Tacos w/ Crispy Corn Tortilla3703012.33
ChipotleSteak Tacos w/ Soft Flour Tortilla4603612.78
ChipotleBarbacoa Tacos w/ Crispy Corn Tortilla3502712.96
ChipotleSteak Burrito4803712.97
ChipotleCarnitas Tacos w/ Soft Flour Tortilla4603313.94
ChipotleCarnitas Burrito4803414.12
ChipotleBarbacoa Tacos w/ Soft Flour Tortilla4403014.67
ChipotleBarbacoa Burrito4603114.84
Five GuysBunless Hamburger4403213.75
Five GuysBunless Little Hamburger2201613.75
Five GuysBunless Bacon Burger5203614.44
Five GuysBunless Cheeseburger5804014.50
Five GuysBunless Little Cheeseburger2902014.50
Five GuysBunless Bacon Cheeseburger6604415.00
Five GuysBunless Little Bacon Burger3002015.00
Jimmy JohnsSlim 4 Turkey breast Unwich Lettuce Wrap60144.29
Jimmy JohnsSlim 2 Roast Beef Unwich Lettuce Wrap90146.43
Jimmy JohnsSlim 1 Ham & Cheese Unwich Lettuce Wrap1801810.00
Jimmy JohnsBootlegger Club® Unwich Lettuce Wrap3152811.25
Jimmy JohnsHunter's Club® Unwich Lettuce Wrap4553612.64
Jimmy JohnsCountry Club® Unwich Lettuce Wrap4053212.66
Jimmy JohnsThe J.J. Gargantuan® Unwich Lettuce Wrap7395712.96
Jimmy JohnsSlim 6 Double provolone Unwich Lettuce Wrap2201613.75
Jimmy JohnsSlim 4 Turkey breast on Wheat4002913.79
Jimmy JohnsSlim 5 Salami, capicola, cheese Unwich Lettuce Wrap2641913.89
Jimmy JohnsBilly Club® Unwich Lettuce Wrap4453213.91
Jimmy JohnsClub Lulu® Unwich Lettuce Wrap3752614.42
Jimmy JohnsGourmet Smoked Ham Club Unwich Lettuce Wrap4152814.82
Jimmy JohnsSlim 2 Roast Beef on Wheat4302914.83
KFCOriginal Recipe Chicken-Breast without skin or breading160315.16
KFCGrilled Chicken- Breast220405.50
KFCGrilled Chicken- Drumstick90136.92
KFCGrilled Chicken- Whole Wing80108.00
KFCGrilled Chicken- Thigh170198.95
KFCOriginal Recipe Chicken- Breast3603410.59
KFCOriginal Recipe Chicken- Drumstick1201110.91
KFCOriginal Recipe Chicken- Whole Wing1201110.91
KFCSpicy Crispy- Breast4203811.05
KFCExtra Crispy™ Tenders (2)2502211.36
KFCExtra Crispy™ Tenders (3)3803311.52
KFCExtra Crispy™ Tenders (1) - Kids1301111.82
KFCCrispy Chicken BLT Salad without Dressing3603012.00
KFCCrispy Chicken Caesar Salad without Dressing & Croutons3402812.14
KFCExtra Crispy Chicken- Drumstick1501212.50
KFCExtra Crispy Chicken- Breast5103913.08
KFCCaesar Side Salad without Dressing & Croutons40313.33
KFCHoney BBQ Sandwich3202413.33
KFCSpicy Crispy- Drumstick1601114.55
KFCOriginal Recipe Chicken- Thigh2501714.71
Little CaesarsBuffalo Hot Wings70611.67
Little CaesarsBuffalo Mild Wings70611.67
Little CaesarsSpicy BBQ Wings70611.67
Little CaesarsTeriyaki Wings70611.67
Little CaesarsBBQ Wings80613.33
Little CaesarsOven Roasted Wings70514.00
Little CaesarsGarlic Parmesan Wings90615.00
Little CaesarsLemon Pepper Wings90615.00
McDonaldsPremium Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Grilled Chicken320427.62
McDonaldsPremium Asian Salad w/ Grilled Chicken270318.71
McDonaldsPremium Southwest Salad w/ Grilled Chicken350379.46
McDonaldsSugar Free French Vanilla Nonfat Latte90910.00
McDonaldsArtisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich3803710.27
McDonaldsRegular Nonfat Latte1101011.00
McDonalds6 Piece Ultimate Chicken Tenders6405811.03
McDonalds10 Piece Ultimate Chicken Tenders10609611.04
McDonalds4 Piece Ultimate Chicken Tenders4203811.05
McDonaldsLobster Roll2902412.08
McDonaldsGrilled Maple Bacon Dijon Chicken Sandwich5804812.08
McDonalds1% Low Fat Milk Jug100812.50
McDonaldsGrilled Garlic White Cheddar Chicken Sandwich5304212.62
McDonalds4 piece Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders4803812.63
McDonalds10 piece Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders12109412.87
McDonaldsGrilled Pico Guacamole Chicken Sandwich5204013.00
McDonalds20 piece Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders243018613.06
McDonalds6 piece Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders7605813.10
McDonaldsGrilled Sweet BBQ Bacon Chicken Sandwich6304813.13
McDonalds12 piece Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders151011513.13
McDonalds3 piece Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders3702813.21
McDonaldsPremium Bacon Ranch Salad w/o Chicken1901413.57
McDonaldsGrilled Bacon Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich7505513.64
McDonaldsGrilled Signature Sriracha Chicken Sandwich5604113.66
McDonaldsGrilled Mushroom & Swiss Chicken Sandwich5804213.81
McDonaldsFat Free Chocolate Milk Jug130914.44
McDonaldsPremium Asian Salad w/ Crispy Chicken4903314.85
McDonaldsPremium Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Crispy Chicken4903314.85
McDonaldsSmall Cappuccino120815.00
Olive GardenChicken Piccata500618.20
Olive GardenChicken Margherita590698.55
Olive GardenTilapia Piccata420469.13
Olive GardenGrilled Chicken Parmigiana7607510.13
Olive GardenHerb-Grilled Salmon4604310.70
Olive GardenStuffed Chicken Marsala9507412.84
Olive GardenLinquine di Mare5704412.95
Olive GardenChicken Marsala9706614.70
Panera BreadBowl Ten Vegetable Soup100303.33
Panera BreadPower Breakfast Bowl with Roasted Turkey190257.60
Panera BreadPower Chicken Hummus Bowl3303310.00
Panera BreadPower Steak Lettuce Wraps2802810.00
Panera BreadPower Mediterranean Chicken3603510.29
Panera BreadPower Breakfast Bowl with Steak2702510.80
Panera BreadCup Chicken Noodle Soup1101011.00
Panera BreadBowl Chicken Noodle Soup1601411.43
Panera BreadFull Smoked Turkey Breast on Country4203312.73
Panera BreadHalf Chicken Caesar Salad2201712.94
Panera BreadFull Chicken Caesar Salad4403412.94
Panera BreadFull Thai Chopped Chicken Salad4703613.06
Panera BreadFull Smoked Ham & Swiss on Rye5904513.11
Panera BreadHalf Smoked Turkey Breast on Country2101613.13
Panera BreadHalf Smoked Ham & Swiss on Rye2902213.18
Panera BreadFat Free Superfruit Smoothie with Ginseng2001513.33
Panera BreadSmoked Turkey Deli Sandwich on All Natural White Loaf2802113.33
Panera BreadHalf Thai Chopped Chicken Salad2401813.33
Panera BreadPower Mediterranean Roasted Turkey3202214.55
Panera BreadHam, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Power Sandwich3402314.78
Panera BreadOrganic Milk120815.00
Panera BreadCaffe Latte120815.00
Panera BreadCappuccino120815.00
Panera BreadSmoked Ham Deli Sandwich on All Natural White Loaf3002015.00
Papa John'sChicken Poppers100185.56
Papa John'sSpicy Buffalo Wings1701214.17
Pizza HutBaked Hot Wings1001010.00
Pizza HutBaked Mild Wings1101011.00
Pizza HutAll American Wings80711.43
Pizza HutBuffalo Burnin Hot Wings110813.75
Pizza HutBuffalo Medium Wings110813.75
Pizza HutBuffalo Mild Wings110813.75
Pizza HutSpicy BBQ Wings120815.00
Pizza HutAll American Bonless Wings1501015.00
PopeYesChicken Blackened Tenders (3 Pcs)170266.54
PopeYesChicken Spicy Tenders (3 Pcs)3102811.07
PopeYesBonafide Mild Chicken Leg1601411.43
PopeYesBonafide Mild Chicken Breast4403512.57
PopeYesChicken Mild Tenders (3pcs)3402712.59
PopeYesBonafide Spicy Chicken Breast4203312.73
PopeYesBonafide Spicy Chicken Leg1701313.08
PopeYesBlackened Bbq Chicken Po' Boy3402414.17
Quizno's4" Tuna Melt3302215.00
Quizno's8" Tuna Melt6604415.00
Quizno's12" Tuna Melt9906615.00
SubwayDouble Chicken Salad220366.11
SubwayOven Roasted Chicken Salad140197.37
SubwayRoast Beef Salad140187.78
SubwayCarved Turkey Salad150197.89
SubwaySubway Club Salad140178.24
SubwayBlack Forest Ham Salad110129.17
SubwayTurkey Breast & Ham Salad110129.17
SubwayTurkey Breast Salad110129.17
SubwayCarved Turkey & Bacon w/ Cheese Salad2802810.00
SubwaySweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Salad2002010.00
SubwayBig Philly Cheesesteak Salad3303210.31
SubwaySteak & Cheese Salad2102010.50
SubwaySubway Melt® Salad2001811.11
SubwayFresh Fit Crispy Chicken Salad4604111.22
SubwayAutumn Carved Turkey Salad3002512.00
Subway6" Corned Beef Reuben4703912.05
SubwayFootlong Corned Beef Reuben9407812.05
Subway6" Rotisserie Style Chicken3502912.07
SubwayFootlong Rotisserie Style Chicken7005812.07
SubwayProvolone Cheese (2 half circles)50412.50
SubwaySwiss Cheese (2 triangles)50412.50
Subway6" Big Philly Cheesesteak5003813.16
SubwayFootlong Big Philly Cheesesteak10007613.16
Subway6" Carved Turkey3302513.20
SubwayFootlong Carved Turkey6605013.20
SubwayRotisserie-Style Chicken Caesar Wrap7305513.27
Subway6" Roast Beef3202413.33
SubwayFootlong Roast Beef6404813.33
SubwayMozzarella Cheese, Shredded40313.33
Subway1% Low Fat Milk - 12 oz1601213.33
SubwayMilk, Low Fat1601213.33
Subway6" Subway Club3102313.48
SubwayFootlong Subway Club6204613.48
Subway6" Oven Roasted Chicken3202313.91
SubwayFootlong Oven Roasted Chicken6404613.91
Subway6" Steak, Egg White & Cheese3902813.93
SubwayKids Mini Sub Roast Beef2001414.29
SubwaySteak, Egg White & Cheese on 6" Flatbread4002814.29
Subway6" Chicken Pizziola Melt4603214.38
SubwayFootlong Chicken Pizziola Melt9206414.38
Subway6" Egg White & Cheese (with ham)3502414.58
Subway6" Turkey, Egg White and Cheese3502414.58
Subway6" Steak and Cheese3802614.62
SubwayFootlong Steak and Cheese7605214.62
Subway6" Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki3802614.62
SubwayFootlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki7605214.62
SubwayB.L.T. Salad1501015.00
SubwayCold Cut Combo Salad1801215.00
SubwayBacon (2 strips)45315.00
SubwayCheddar Cheese (2 triangles)60415.00
Taco BellPremium Iced Coffee1025.00
Taco BellFresco Chicken Soft Taco1501113.64
Taco BellChicken Soft Taco1701214.17
Taco BellShredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla1801215.00
Wendy'sWhole Asian Cashew Chicken Salad210336.36
Wendy'sHalf Asian Cashew Chicken Salad110176.47
Wendy'sFull Apple Pecan Chicken Salad340359.71
Wendy'sWhole BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad390409.75
Wendy'sHalf Apple Pecan Chicken Salad1801810.00
Wendy'sFresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich4204110.24
Wendy'sGrilled Chicken Sandwich3603510.29
Wendy'sHalf BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad2102010.50
Wendy'sFull Summer Berry Chicken Salad3803510.86
Wendy'sWhole Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad4303911.03
Wendy'sHalf Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad2302011.50
Wendy'sHalf Summer Berry Chicken Salad2101811.67
Wendy'sUltimate Chicken Grill Sandwich3903311.82
Wendy'sLarge Chili3102611.92
Wendy'sFull Strawberry Mango Chicken Salad4703912.05
Wendy'sSmall Chili2101712.35
Wendy'sTruMoo Lowfat White Milk100812.50
Wendy'sFull Mozzarella Chicken Salad5204112.68
Wendy'sWhole Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad4703712.70
Wendy'sHalf Strawberry Mango Chicken Salad2702112.86
Wendy'sAsiago Ranch Club w/Ultimate Chicken Grill5704213.57
Wendy'sFull Harvest Chicken Salad5704213.57
Wendy's3 Piece Chicken Tenders3002213.64
Wendy'sChicken Go Wrap w/ Grilled Chicken2601913.68
Wendy'sKids Grilled Chicken Wrap2601913.68
Wendy's4 Piece Chicken Tenders4002913.79
Wendy'sHalf Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad2501813.89
Wendy'sHalf Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad3002114.29
Wendy'sFull Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad6004214.29
Wendy'sHalf Harvest Chicken Salad3202214.55
Wendy'sDave's Triple Cheeseburger10607214.72
Wendy'sDouble Stack4002714.81
Wendy'sHalf Mozzarella Chicken Salad3602415.00
Wendy'sCaesar Side Salad60415.00